Saturday, January 31, 2009

Restaurant Review: Qdoba

Qdoba Mexican Grill is a fast food restaurant located at 2222 Walnut Street in Cary and in Beaver Creek Commons in Apex. In addition to a very complete listing of common allergen information (including Wheat and Other Glutens), they provide a comprehensive list of ingredients (even indicating that maltodextrin is from corn) .

From their website:

At Qdoba, we care about giving you the information you need to make informed decisions about eating. Food intolerances make these decisions even more important. Ingredients like wheat, soy, milk, eggs, nuts and fish are found in certain food items served at Qdoba.

We have found that the employees (and especially the manager) at the Apex Qdoba truly live up to their statement on their website. When we order, we inform them that our daughter cannot have gluten. The employees will change gloves and accommodate our special needs. We typically get a cheese quesadilla made with a Soft White Corn Tortilla and Black Beans. They have a wide selection of salads, meats, and salsas.


Anonymous said...

Wow, our experience at the Apex Qdoba was the opposite of what you describe. When we requested a quesadilla made with corn tortillas, they told us they no longer serve corn tortillas and cannot accomodate a gluten free diet. When I told the manager their corporate site says a gluten free menu is available, I was told the corporate site was outdated.

I'm glad you had a good experience, but they acted like we were bothering them. We will not go back.

Sarah said...

I am so sorry to hear that! And really surprised! If you are interested, the Qdoba website has a form that you can give feedback: . I always think it is important to let companies know how their employees are turning away customers.

Anonymous said...

We ate at Qdoba today and I was really disappointed. This had nothing to do with allergies but the fact that for $7 you get a burrito, no drink and no chips. It's overpriced for what they offer and the kids' meals are so tiny that even a young child can eat two!
We won't go back either.