Sunday, March 8, 2009

Rita's Ice-Custard-Happiness Review and Giveaway!

This beautiful warm weather brings on cravings for sweet cool treats. Rita's Ice-Custard-Happiness five locations around the Triangle offers a variety of Gluten Free options to satisfy your sweet tooth.

Rita's has ice cream, custards, Italian ices, shakes, and coffee drinks. You can check out their allergen information at
Obviously, we avoid the flavors with mixed in dough, all the cones, and most of the toppings.

My daughter likes to pick the brightest colored Italian ices... but Rita's has plenty of choices for those who don't base their food decisions on a particular shade of pink!

If you live in Apex and received the free Apex Monthly mailer for March, look on page 13 for two coupons for the Rita's located at Beaver Creek Commons.

Also, each year for the last sixteen years, Rita's has given away a regular size Italian Ice to every customer on the first day of spring.
Celebrate Spring at Rita's in :
First Day of Spring, March 20
FREE Regular Italian Ice to every customer
from noon until 10pm!

Beaver Creek Commons Shopping Center 1011 Beaver Creek Commons Unit 304 by Office Max

8204 Tryon Woods Drive suite 112

McCrimmon Corners Shopping Center 4141 Davis Drive

The Shoppes at Oberlin Court 1028 Oberlin Road Suite 228

1125 W. NC Highway 54 & Highway 401

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Zach said...

Rita's is a favorite of mine. They do close down for the winter in December but reopened last weekend. I went this past weekend and stuffed myself with their water ice. Make sure they either have a scoop for each flavor (and don't mix them up) or get you a brand new scoop. This will help avoid cross-contamination.