Friday, May 21, 2010

Cary Food Lion stocks Gluten Free products

The Cary Food Lion at the corner of Kildaire Farm Road and Maynard recently added an end display, four or five shelves, devoted entirely to Gluten Free Products. Among the products are Glutino pretzels, a staple in our house, Glutino Lemon and Glutino Chocolate wafer cookies, Gluten Free pastas, and Gluten Free baking ingredients. Some are priced lower than elsewhere.

The manager told me these products are slow movers, so if you are in the neighborhood, please consider picking up a few items so they continue to stock gluten free groceries.


Joanie Conwell said...

I forgot to mention that the display is located with other healthfood at one end of the store, next to meat section.

Random Thoughts, Musings, and Dirty Diapers said...

I love knowing I can just go in to the local store, like Food Lion, and not worry about crossing town to the specialty store!

We LOVE the Glutino pretzels too. (Even Mom and Dad!)

Dawn said...

Awesome! thanks for the post!

Dawn said...

Awesome! Thanks for posting!