Thursday, September 10, 2009

Restaurant Review: The Loop Pizza Grill

Just in case you didn't already know. The Loop Pizza Grill in Cary has a gluten free menu. There are risks involved, in that their grill is used for a variety of items, and although they clean it, they can't guarantee against cross contamination.

When I read the disclaimer about the grill on the top of the menu I was a little disheartened, but talking with the manager eased my mind a bit. Although they cook many items on their grill, it is mainly used for meats, and he commits to cleaning the area your meat would be cooked on before preparing it. I also gained a little confidence when he mentioned he had brought an outside expert in to educate him on the problems of cross-contamination, and the gluten free diet. He paid someone to come in to his kitchen, educate him and help him with their menu and gluten free options. To me that is pretty impressive.

The Loop Pizza Grill
Web site:

2 Cary Locations
Kildaire Plaza Shopping Center - 1207 Kildaire Farm Road - Cary, NC
Phone: 919-657-0330

West Park Place - 2734 NC Hwy 55 - Cary, NC
Phone: 919-387-8002

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