Thursday, September 10, 2009

Restaurant Review: Maggiano's Little Italy

I know I know, Maggiano's is NOT in Cary, but it is so close, and well, I figured the Cary readers needed to know about this one.

A few weeks ago I was craving pasta, but not just any pasta. I was craving the pasta that comes from someone else's kitchen, that leaves you feeling so full you can't even find room for ice-cream kind of pasta. So, I tried out Maggiano's to see just how gluten free friendly they were.

And I was so incredibly impressed! I sat down, asked my waiter about the gluten free pasta. I started to quiz him and he stopped me mid-sentence. He then informed me, that in order to make sure all of my needs were met, they actually have the chef come out to talk to me. That way my waiter wouldn't mess it up.

About 5 minutes later, the waiter comes out with a special note-pad. It's yellow, says Gluten-Free meal on top in bold letters, and has space to write down what I want to eat. I was floored. The chef introduced himself, informed me that he personally would prepared my meal, and then asked what I wanted. And this is where I got the biggest surprise of my visit. Long ago I stopped looking at the menu when it was handed to me. I would go into a restaurant and glance at it, find something that sounded good and then hope I could modify it only to be sorely disappointed. I explained this to the chef, and he said, well then, lets create you a meal, what were you thinking of when you came in? Seriously folks, he made up my pasta dish. And it was DELISH, and gluten free!

And here is another kicker. They didn't charge me an exorbitant amount. I later found a dish that was similar to the one I had created, and the price was comparable.

So, it's not in Cary, but really, for some of us in Cary, Southpointe mall isn't too far away. It's worth a shot.

I have been in contact with Daniel's Italian restaurant. I hope to have some news on them soon.

Maggiano's Little Italy
Web site:
Durham location (only location in the Triangle)
8030 Renaissance Parkway,, Suite 890, Durham, NC, 27713
Sun 12pm - 10pm
Mon - Thur 11am - 10pm
Fri - Sat 11am - 11pm
Phone: 919-572-0070

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