Thursday, March 26, 2009

Update on Z Pizza in Cary

Good News!  The Gluten Free crust drought is over!
Their supplier received a new shipment from the producer and diverted a truck to Cary with more than a week's supply.  As of Thursday at dinner, they are back in Gluten Free business.



Karen said...

I finally got to ZPizza to try the gluten free pizza...and it was deee-lish! We were very pleased...its pricy, but worth it for a treat. The staff were very kind too, kept checking on me to see if everything was good and offered to give me the managers business card, just in case I had issues (which I did not). Service was very good, and quick, and we were there on a Friday night. We'll be back!

Anonymous said...

I also just tried ZPizza because of your review. I loved having fresh dough that tasted great!! It was wonderful and I have been twice this week. It is $3.00 more than regular pizza, but I am used to anything gluten free costing more.

It is much better than the frozen pizza, that I have bought in the past. I also have enough for lunch the next day so it does not seem too expensive.