Monday, March 23, 2009

Call Ahead for Z Pizza in Cary

I got an email from the manager of ZPizza in Cary today.  He asks that people call ahead to check for availability of the Gluten Free crusts this week.  He says that they are low on GF crusts but are expecting shipments later this week.

919 465-9009

Here is the full email:

My name is Ken Alexander.  I'm the manager of Zpizza of Cary at the Stone Creek Shopping Center.
We've been delighted at the response from the community now that we offer a 10" gluten free crust for our pizzas.  It's so rewarding to see the smiles on the faces of people who haven't enjoyed a pizza "out on the town" for years.  We'll do out best to continue to provide a quality dining experience to our patrons.

The response has been particularly strong this past week.  We find ourselves very low on the gluten-free crusts.  We'll get a case in by air on Wednesday the 25th, and five cases more on Thursday the 26th.  In the meantime, could you please ask your readers to call ahead to check the availability of our gluten-free crusts?  I would hate for anyone to make a special trip only to be disappointed.

We'll do our best to maintain a comfortable supply of gluten-free crusts on hand, so that your members will have a place to enjoy a tasty, and healthy, pizza.

Thank you for your help.
Ken Alexander
Zpizza of Cary
Stone Creek Shopping Center
Cary, NC  27519


Anonymous said...

This is great. Are these pizza crusts also diary-free and soy-free?

Sarah said...

Zach said...
They have the ingredients list for the pizza crust in the restaurant. You may be able to get it by calling also.

Anonymous said...

just called zpizza; the crusts do contain dairy.

Emily said...

Looks like the word is getting out!

Ken said...

Thank you all for the kind words.
Our supplier has called and said we have plenty of gluten free crusts en route. They should arrive by early afternoon Thursday.
I have also received an assurance that the ham we use in our sandwiches, salads and pizzas is also gluten free!
If anyone has any questions or concerns about our ingredients or products, nutritional information is listed at Click on "FOOD" then on "NUTRITION". We also have this information in a notebook at our restaurant. And I'm always happy to get the actual container or label for any product and show customers what is listed.
Lastly, we're always willing to take reasonable precautions for other dietary concerns; i.e. fresh-washed utensils for those with vegetarian or peanut-allergy concerns.
Give us a call or come on by!

--Ken Alexander, Manager
Zpizza of Cary
Stone Creek Shopping Center

Bassets&Bengals said...

I wholeheartedly recommend Zpizza's gluten-free products.

I got their Mediterranean pizza on the GF crust and was very impressed with the taste and the freshness of the ingredients.

I wish it was closer than Cary (I live in Durham), but it's definitely worth driving out there.