Saturday, August 1, 2009

Thank you Betty!

A few weeks ago I recieved a text message, "brownies or cookies?"  I am a chocolate chip cookie lover so aptly replied, "if chocolate chip, cookies, if not, brownies...why?"  There wasn't a response, until the next day when she showed up at my door with a plate of cookies in hand.  I was floored.  She said she had found the Betty Crocker Gluten Free Cookie mix and had to make me some.  After I quizzed her on her preparation techniques to ensure against cross-contamination, I took a bite and was taken back.  They were GOOOOOOOOOOOOD!

This past week brought another similar experience.  A 
girlfriend had stumbled upon a box of Betty Crocker's Gluten Free Brownie mix, and couldn't resist buying it.  This evening I pulled out the box, hopeful that they would be at least decent.  And was I in for a surprise.  

They were AMAZING.  Seriously folks.  OUT. OF. THIS.  WORLD!  In fact, the friend who enjoyed them with me commented that they were some of the best brownies she had ever tasted...and she gets to eat gluten!

I have to say that I have tried several other baking products on the market, and I have found some good "substitutes," but they all have that gluten free flavor and taste to them.  None have really taken be back to the good ol' days...but Betty Crocker...she has out done herself!

And as if having brownies, cookies, devils food cake or yellow cake weren't enough, Betty Crocker has a load of recipes that can be made using of these products.  I am thinking that the ooey-gooey Rocky Road Bars and the Lemon Lover's cupcakes with lemon buttercream frosting might be the first on my list to try.  Thank you Betty Crocker team, for re-instilling my faith in baking quality products that are gluten free.

***For those looking, both friends mentioned they found them at Harris Teeter in Cary.  I have searched a few other major chains but not seen them on the store shelves yet. 


Anonymous said...

I found them at the Harris Teeter in Holly Springs. The super Walmart in Holly Springs carries the yellow cake - very good!!

Anonymous said...

We had some of these last week and ended up with an adverse reaction to them. My niece is incredibly sensitive though, so it may have been just trace amounts in the mix.